The Spencer Law Firm has dealt with many motor vehicle collisions of varying damage levels. There are two distinct forms of motor vehicle collisions:

Non-commercial Collisions
Commercial Collisions

A. Non-commercial

For most people, driving a car is part of daily life. While the old phrase “accidents will happen” is undeniably true, drivers still have a duty to exercise reasonable care and to operate their vehicle safely. Speeding, running stop signs, or sending text messages while driving are all examples negligent activities that can lead to injury or property damage.

Experienced personal injury attorneys help their clients navigate through the thicket of reports, records and accident reconstruction. The Spencer Law Firm has extensive experience in both prosecuting and defending individuals involved in non-commercial car accidents.


B. Commercial

Heavy trucks cause heavy damages. A commercial 18-wheeled truck is enormously heavy. The tractor portion of the truck often weighs around 20,000 pounds, and fully laden, a truck and trailer may weigh as much as 80,000.00 pounds. That is equal to 40 tons, and the heavier the truck, the more inertia it has.

Commercial collisions often involve special issues regarding truck maintenance, driver fatigue and other factors that may cause or contribute to collisions. Trucking is a special industry, with special regulations and technology. Sometimes, these rules create special areas of liability. As with non-commercial collisions, experienced attorneys are necessary. The Spencer Law Firm has experienced lawyers who have prosecuted and defended cases related to commercial collisions.


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