Like other products, a home or office should be designed and constructed correctly. Sometimes, errors are made in the construction process. Sometimes the structure is simply designed wrong. Unfortunately, these defects often go undetected until some particular problem arises. This is because most persons simply won’t accept the property if the defect is apparent to the eye. However, visual inspection will not detect latent flaws and defects.

When a defect is detected, the owner has rights and responsibilities. When dealing with residential construction problems, there are special statutes and timelines that apply. There is usually the need to engage counsel who has experience in this area along with the ability to engage industry experts.

The Spencer Law Firm has experience with residential and commercial construction defects, post tension slab on grade failures, polypropylene water pipe failures, plumbing under slab failures, HVAC mold and mildew problems, HVAC temperature control problems, CO2 combustion defect problems, roof leak damage, fire damage and insurance claim disputes.

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