Do you want to ensure that your assets are passed down efficiently and effectively to the people you care about? Do you want to build your estate plan in a way that minimizes costs associated with probate court? Are you wondering whether you need a will or trust?

A will allows you to direct to whom and how your property will be divided after your death. Texas allows you to name an executor (the person who handles your estate) to serve without court supervision and without bond. A properly planned will can allow you to name guardians for your children, create a testamentary trust and determine the manner in which your property is distributed to your heirs.

Trusts are extremely flexible. Trusts can be used to hold assets for loved ones or to ensure the preservation of assets for a particular purpose. Certain types of trusts are also particularly effective at minimizing estate taxes.  Creating a trust will divert the trust res from the probate system and can be used to safeguard  wealth. A trust can control distributions, create a life estate, and hold assets long after the trust’s creator passes away.

The Spencer Law Firm can help you create an estate plan. Regardless of your age or economic status, establishing a will or trust is important. We can help you protect the future of your family and your assets.

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