Transvaginal Mesh Update

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The Spencer Law Firm has successfully investigated over one hundred potential cases regarding the Transvaginal Mesh litigation, resulting in twenty-one cases that have been filed on behalf of engaged clients and another sixty waiting to be filed. Since filing, the Transvaginal Mesh plaintiffs have become part of a multi-district federal litigation encompassing claims in at [...]

What is a Security?

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In general terms, a security is defined by statute and can be an agreement or contract between an investor (an individual, a group, or an institution) and an issuer (a corporation or a governmental entity). Issuers create and issue securities or debt in order to raise money to finance their operations. Common types of securities [...]

TaxMasters Filed for Bankruptcy

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As reported by numerous news outlets, TaxMasters, Inc. filed for federal bankruptcy protection at roughly 11:00 p.m. on March 18, 2012, hours before the trial of the case brought against it by the State of Texas was set to begin. The court in that case ruled that the trial would continue despite the bankruptcy filing. [...]

The Medical Malpractice Labyrinth

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Medical Malpractice “reform” has been a mantra of politicians for years. Texas has all but declared a “state of emergency” to prevent “frivolous” medical malpractice cases. Texans have listened, believed and followed their elected officials. Interestingly, those same officials never talk about the complex process in place, right now, to filter out “frivolous” medical malpractice [...]

TaxMasters Class Action Report

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The Spencer Law Firm is pleased to report the recent progress made in a lawsuit it has filed on behalf of its clients against TaxMasters and its owner, Patrick Cox. In November the Plaintiffs filed their motion asking the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas to certify the case as a [...]

What is a Tort?

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Everywhere you turn, you hear: “Tort Reform.” Everybody wants it! Business needs it! Fairness demands it! But what, exactly, is a tort? The answer might surprise you. Texas has two types of law: Criminal law and civil law. Criminal law, as its name implies, deals with violations of the criminal laws of ths State. Violations [...]

The Spencer Law Firm Blog

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The Spencer Law Firm Blog is now live.