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Businesses, professionals and individuals rely on the experience of the skilled attorneys at The Spencer Law Firm for customized, tailored legal representation and business consultation in a host of practice areas.

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The Spencer Law Firm has a long history of working with people and businesses who find themselves facing uncertainties, disputes and injuries due to legal issues. Finding a law firm that can handle your business and case effectively and is also committed to supporting you throughout the process can be challenging. We have helped hundreds of individuals in similar situations, from business- disputes to product-related injuries, and we will work with you to find solutions that are beneficial in the long run.

While based in Houston, we have represented businesses and individuals throughout Texas and the United States. We handle legal concerns related to business law, control disputes, securities law and product liability, as well as other types of complex litigation. Our talented team of attorneys is dedicated to providing you with consultation, guidance and counseling for your specific situation. Whether your case is headed to trial, or you are in the early stages of a business endeavor and want to avoid future legal issues, we are here to develop a strong path forward – no matter how difficult the challenge.

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Ms. Spencer has more than 40 years of legal experience practicing as a business, securities, transaction, and litigation attorney in Houston. Among her many achievements is being the first woman assigned to head a class action in securities litigation in the state.

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We have taken on some of the largest law firms and corporations in Texas. We know our clients are depending on us and we never back down – whether we are facing a local lawyer or a team of high-priced attorneys on retainer. We know what is required to be successful at trial, negotiation and business consultation – and while we always strive to avoid litigation, we welcome the challenge when it is the only option.

Our team and staff will keep you informed, and we will be attentive to your needs, concerns and objectives throughout the entirety of your case.

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