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What can you do if you have tinnitus?

Harvard Health says there is no FDA-approved treatment for tinnitus and no known drug, supplement or herb can cure the condition.

In fact, some medications can worsen tinnitus. Certain antibiotics, cancer medications, water pills, quinine medications and antidepressants can my symptoms worse, according to the Mayo Clinic. Taking a high amount of aspirin can also make symptoms worse.

White noise machines that produce sounds like ocean waves can help people with tinnitus fall asleep, giving them an alternative to hearing constant ringing. The Mayo Clinic reports masking devices worn in the ear can produce low-level white noise that suppresses tinnitus symptoms.

Harvard Health says tinnitus retraining therapy can make phantom noises more manageable. The therapy aims to make the tinnitus sounds less noticeable and bothersome. The therapy includes using masking devices and individual counseling, which can train the person suffering from tinnitus to not focus on the noise.

I’m a veteran who used M3’s earplugs during my services. What can the Spencer Law Firm do for me?

If you served in the military from 2003 to 2015, there’s a good chance you used M3’s Combat Arms Earplugs. The earplugs are double sided, with one side yellow and the other olive in color. They have a triple flange design and was marketed as allowing the wearer to hear low-level sounds when using the yellow side. The olive side was marketed as protecting ears from loud, damaging sounds.

Veterans are speaking out more about the loss of their hearing or hearing permanent noises after using the Combat Arms Earplugs.

“We’ve been told that, ‘This is the equipment you get and it’s the best out there.’ It’s gonna save your hearing,’” veteran Joseph Junk told CBS News. “Later on, we found out that it didn’t really protect our hearing that much at all.”

The Spencer Law Firm’s attorneys are knowledgeable about ongoing litigation and allegations against M3 for their allegedly faulty earplugs. You may be entitled to compensation if you believe your hearing has been damaged while using 3M’s earplugs during your services.

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