Our History

Our firm’s founder, Bonnie E. Spencer, started practicing law in 1980. She entered the practice with the desire to help businesses grow and prosper by providing them with the combined disciplines of business and law to uncover the best avenues for growth and to solve problems. After years of hard-won experience, she began to notice that there was a lack of personal service in the law profession. It was then Mrs. Spencer decided she would find a way to fill in that gap and provide the personal service that the public needed.

With this goal of personal service combined with expertise in mind, Mrs. Spencer founded The Spencer Law Firm in 1993. The firm immediately began servicing private clients’ legal services including civil litigation, corporate and partnership law, mergers and acquisitions, and securities matters. Though our fields of practice have changed, our commitment of giving personal and focused service to each and every client remains strong nearly three decades later.

Values and Vision

We believe the judicial system is an indispensible part of the American form of government. A strong judiciary is necessary so that tyranny may be rooted out and defeated, no matter its form. To this end, we believe those who have been legally wronged must have open access to the courts, for the courts must restore power imbalances and make injured people whole again. We also believe those accused of having committed wrongdoing must receive a fair and reasonable process by which such charges can be weighed, a process in which all parties are accountable for what they say and do. We  take these beliefs seriously, and we proudly rely on them in the service of our clients.

Some firms pride themselves on “always winning,” but we recognize that “winning” and “losing” can only be defined by the client. This is why we measure success not in terms of verdicts won or cases settled, but in how consistently we meet our clients’ needs. In an age of endless uncertainty, we bring our minds, our passion, and our experience to bear so that our clients know what risks they face and opportunities they have. We help turn uncertainties into probabilities, probabilities into recommendations, and recommendations into realities for our clients. In other words, our vision is to be a firm that tells clients exactly what they can expect and then delivers on those expectations time and time again.