The Spencer Law Firm

The Spencer Law Firm is a closely-knit group of professionals dedicated to providing superior and unequaled service to our clients. The firm combines the quality and strength of a large law firm with the creativity and personal service of a small, client-focused firm. The Spencer Law Firm provides the comprehensive legal counsel necessary to satisfy your needs. We are committed to maximizing the value received by our clients through our legal services. No matter what the legal need may be, one of our attorneys can help.

Who We Are

At the Spencer Law Firm, our professional beliefs arise from our civic values. The judicial system represents first and foremost an indispensable part of the American form of government. We believe a strong judiciary is necessary to this form of government in order that tyranny may be rooted out and defeated, no matter its form.

To this end, we believe those who have been legally wronged must have open access to the courts, for it is the special role of the courts to restore power imbalances and to strive to make injured people whole again.

We also believe those accused of having committed wrongdoing must be afforded the protection of a fair and reasonable process by which such charges can be evaluated, a process in which all parties are accountable for what they say and do.

We at The Spencer Law Firm take these beliefs seriously, and we proudly rely on them in the service of our clients.

At the Spencer Law Firm we measure success in terms of consistency. Our goal is to be a consistent advocate for and counselor to our clients. Our job is to bring our minds, our passion, our skill, and our experience to bear in the specific circumstances our clients face so that they may transition from uncertainty to certainty. We want our clients to operate in probabilities, and our goal is to consistently turn those probabilities into realities.

In other words, our vision at The Spencer Law Firm is to be a firm that advises its clients as to what they can expect and then meets those expectations time and again.

The Spencer Law Firm works with you to determine where you are, where you want to go, and get you there.  It is our job at The Spencer Law Firm to ensure that you get to the goal that you have set for your business or for yourself personally.

Meet Our Team


Bonnie E. Spencer, Principal
Ashley M. Spencer, Associate
Loren King, Associate
Kimberlyann Robards, Associate

Legal Staff

Cathy M. Easterly, Office Manager/Accounting
Licea D. Sims, Senior Paralegal
Regina S. Nervis, Legal Assistant
Elizabeth Gillespie, Assistant