It is understandable to feel discomfort at the prospect of ending an employer/employee relationship. Sometimes a goodbye is sad, mutual, respectful — but sometimes things can get downright ugly. We have all experienced the termination scenario when it becomes evident that resentment has grown on both sides of the table – employers feel they’ve been taken advantage of, employees feel underappreciated and maybe like they weren’t given a proper chance to succeed. It is rare that each party accepts the arrangement is no longer a good fit. Sometimes walking away isn’t an option.

Employment law draws the line between what is and is not permissible behavior for both employees and employers. Although Texas is an at-will employment state, employers may still have to show they let go of an employee for “just cause” – not “just because.” Employers should allow their employees a reasonable chance to become a successful team member, they need to be careful not to sabotage or retaliate against employees, and many employers need to draft and implement policies and procedures that are compliant with the law in order to protect themselves in case of a termination issue.

When employers fail to comply with these laws, they may be held liable for damages in disputes arising out of wrongful termination, discrimination, or Sabine-Pilot claims, not to mention claims for worker’s compensation.

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