THE SPENCER LAW FIRM represents property owners, engineers, developers, general contractors, vendors, and subcontractors in a variety of construction-related matters including: drafting and negotiation of the original prime contracts, supply agreements, purchase agreements, and subcontracts; compliance with applicable regulation when performing construction services for the state, local, or federal government; assisting the client in avoiding unintentional waivers or disclaimers of their rights or damages; filing liens and bond claims as required by statute; assisting clients in complying with the applicable prime contracts and subcontracts when performing work on both private and public projects; representing our clients in statutory alternative dispute resolution proceedings; and other disputes, some of which turn into outright litigation or arbitration. For instance, we routinely represent contractors and subcontractors in construction-related disputes. Not getting paid can put a company into bankruptcy so watching the bottom line is essential in this industry. We work with our clients to develop contracts that protect their rights under law and the applicable governing contracts and to define the expectations of the general Contractor and Owner in association with our clients’ work. Whether this is an environmental clean-up company working with subs and wanting to protect the client source, as well as its “where how and know how”, or your company just needs to get paid for the work that has already been done we are the law firm that can make these things happen.

We have successfully represented a subcontractor owed over $750K and a contractor who refused to pay even though it was paid for all the subcontractor work and supplies. The contractor tried to file bankruptcy, but THE SPENCER LAW FIRM was able to pierce through a “401K” retirement account of the contractor’s owner, which we showed, was harboring the $750K received! Our client received all of its money through clever planning and execution by our team of lawyers. Piercing a 401K is virtually impossible, but we did it.

We have also represented individuals who have spentd a fortune on houses, some here in the United States, but also on vacation homes elsewhere and have been left with nothing but foundations and little else to show for all of the money spent. Developers sometimes oversell and under deliver and while it is difficult to chase down these perpetrators of such construction scams, it is best to have us review your legal rights and remedies as soon as possible. It does not help you to sit on this and stew about it for months. Call Loren King at 713-961-7770 and get moving.