Current Medical Device Cases


We are currently helping people harmed by the products below. Click any of the images below for more information about the specific product and why you may be entitled to compensation for injuries caused by that product.


Philips has sold CPAP and similar devices used by people to manage their sleep apnea.  For over a decade, Philips sold numerous models of CPAP, APAP, and BiPAP machines which contained materials which can cause significant and life-threatening harms to humans.

3M Earplugs

Between the years 2003 and 2015, 3M was the exclusive provider of earplugs for the United States Military. The Combat Arms earplugs were designed to provide hearing protection, yet failed to do so.

Past Medical Device Cases

We have previously handled cases for injuries believed to be caused by the following medical devices. Click any of the links below for further information.


Transvaginal Mesh (TVM)


Zantac (ranitidine) is a drug used to treat and prevent heartburn, stomach ulcers, and other conditions that cause too much acid to build up in the stomach available both by prescription and over the counter.