For investors, brokers and firms who are more flexible and looking for a faster solution, FINRA also provides mediation between two disputing parties. Mediation is an informal process where a “trained, impartial mediator facilities negotiations between disputing parties, helping them find a mutually acceptable solution,” according to FINRA. For a mediation to be successful, both parties must agree to the mediation. The process is voluntary, thus allowing either party to stop it at any time. 

FINRA points out mediation and arbitration are not a means to solving an investor complaint. If an investor feels a brokerage firm or individual broker has acted unjustly, he or she can file a direct complaint with FINRA. The organization lists several prohibited conduct in the securities industry. Here are a few of them that are listed on FINRA’s website:

  • Purchasing and selling securities for a customer without the customer’s knowledge and authorization;
  • Failing to disclose risks to securities like charges and fees, bond ratings, company financial information, and other vital material investors need when making a decision;
  • Using manipulation, deception or outright fraud in order to produce a sale or purchase of a security. 

FINRA is a multifaceted organization that promotes itself as protecting investors. For anyone who invests and works with brokers, knowing FINRA’s rules and regulations is key to ensuring you and your money are treated fairly. 

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