Spencer Law Firm wrote about how veterans (PTSD and Tinnitus) have a high probability of experiencing PTSD and tinnitus. According to medical experts, patients with PTSD report their tinnitus symptoms are more intense than tinnitus patients who don’t have PTSD. 


Marc Fagelson, a professor of audiology at East Tennessee State University, told the Hearing Journal that testing and therapy for tinnitus victims with PTSD must include extra precautions. 


“You might not be able to do acoustic reflex tests because you might exacerbate the tinnitus,” Fagelson said. “You might also make it so that the patient wants to get up and leave, or worse, lash out at you. I tend to think of testing these patients the same way I would test a child, where at any given moment you might have to stop the test because of discomfort on the part of the patient.” 


To help deal with the stress of both PTSD and tinnitus, audiologists recommend using therapy and hearing devices. 


“First, audibility of speech sounds should be improved, thereby facilitating communication and reducing listening strain,” recommends Canadian Audiologist. “Second, the improved audibility of ambient sounds may foster complete or partial tinnitus suppression, and ultimately influence in a positive way the auditory pathway changes responsible for tinnitus maintenance. Finally, hearing aids can foster the patient’s sense of security as sounds in the environment could be detected more easily and accurately than when the patient is unaided.”


Canadian Audiologist notes that ensuring patients are in an environment with reduced noise also greatly improves their overall health. 


If you’re a veteran who used 3M’s earplugs, there is a higher possibility that you may be suffering from tinnitus and PTSD.

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