We also represent property owners in real estate matters, including business disputes, condemnation actions, and also in the negotiation of real estate transactions. Our real estate clients include companies who own large real estate holdings, oil and gas and mineral interest disputes between partners, family trust problems involving land disagreements, apartment complexes, commercial buildings, private HOAs, as well as prominent Houston families. Sometimes it involves flooding, failure of insurance companies to pay for the damages, and vacant rental space that has significant damages. These legal matters just can’t sit there for months; we know that vacant space costs our clients’ real money so we move our cases quickly and don’t let them “sit”. Sometimes, these real estate related issues are jumbled up in partnership, trust or company disputes and breaches of contract as well. So let us assist you in figuring all of this out. We can help you with the most tangled legal problems and sort it out for you. At the end of the day, you must have a champion in your corner that understands what the stakes are and that can help you not only survive, but prosper. Call Bonnie Spencer at 713-961-7770.