THE SPENCER LAW FIRM has been around for decades and has often been the “go to” resource for other law firms who either don’t litigate or need fresh eyes to view their client’s legal issues. Spencer has consulted with law firms in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and London and of course, here in Houston, Texas lawyers have brought us in on various consulting matters ranging from or about the following:

Capital Formation

Company Control Disputes

Contractor and Subcontractor Litigation

Developer Contracts as to Ownership of Intellectual Property

Divorce Issues Affecting Company Control

DOJ subpoenas

DOJ Investigations

Embezzlement from Banks and/or Client Funds

Employment Contracts

Family Business/ Family Trust disputes

Federal Appeals

Foreign Distributor Contracts

Foreign Manufacturer Contracts


Foreign Trusts 

High Net Worth Divorces

Insider Misappropriation of Company Funds

Investor Securities Fraud

Manufacturer and Distributor Disputes

Misappropriation of Intellectual Property by Insiders

Money Laundering

Non-Circumvent Contracts

Non-Compete Contract 

Oil & Gas Litigation with Operator

Partnership Ownership and Control Fights

Partnership Voting Trust Disputes

Private Placements and Exemption Compliance with SEC and all States in which Sales are Made

SEC Investigations of Securities Related Issues

Securities Criminal Felony Issues

Tax Evasion

Texas Securities Board Securities Investigations

Trust Manipulation

Trust Mismanagement

Trustee disputes

Voting Trust Enforcement

We typically become co-counsel to our lawyer referrals and have also been the “behind the scenes” consultants and ferreting out facts, the law and issues that may have been buried in the midst of thousands of documents, emails, texts and contracts. We are conscious of the honor of working with our esteemed colleagues who have valued clients typically of long standing. We do not seek to interfere in that relationship. Instead, it is part of our ethos to champion that relationship and foster a collegial team that will get their client a more even playing field. We have joined with and against some of the largest law firms in the world and can go toe to toe with the best of them. 

If you would like a consult on your client’s corporate or individual business issues, give us a phone call as we would be delighted to assist you in accessing your client and their legal situation. We are very discrete and sensitive to your need to protect your client and we will not fail to adhere to your instructions to the letter while giving you complete control of how much or how little our scope of work will be. Call Bonnie Spencer at 713-961-7770. I would be delighted to assist you.